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Hi Diary,

I’m exhausted. My family runs an auction company ( and we just had our annual Thanksgiving Day auction. I like my job most of the time. Making an auction is good fun. But the actual auction… I could call in sick that day.

ANYHOO! Remember I said I was going to work on a template image to put my assignments on?

backgroundtemplatehexagonsPretty slick, right? I actually used techniques I learned from my teacher last term to make it. Gasp! Did you see that Tom? I learned something from you!

I made a custom brush of a hexagon. To give it a little depth I lowered the flow of my eraser and dragged it across the top left area to imply a highlight. For the border I reversed the value of the interior.


Then I adjusted the brush settings to increase the scatter and spacing and giving it a random size (jitter).

hexagonbrushshape2I’d give the exact settings but I’m lazy. After I had it all set up I just randomly changed the brush size from big to small and just draw random squares until I liked it. I used the eraser where some parts got a little bright.

So there you have it. Let’s see it in action:


I photoshopped Starlord into the Jurassic Park franchise. If that background doesn’t make it look official then I don’t know what will. I’ll email it to Universal Studios when I’m done writing this blog post. Maybe now they’ll take me seriously.

Luff Michael

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