Character Design Colour – Space Detective

9 days since I’ve written in you, Diary. Seems like forever.

So I’m well into week 3 of term 2 now. It’s basically the 3rd step in the character production lessons. Colour. And, once again, I’m making the assignment excessively harder than is required of me because, again, I’m starting from scratch.

Remember how the first week I drew the crazy book guy?
bookguyAnd instead of rendering that character in week 2 (Like I Was Supposed Too!) I drew a new violin guy?
violinfinished2Welp, in keeping with (the stupidest) tradition I’ve started over again! YAY! Ok, here’s my thinking. If I work on the same character every week then I’m not practicing the previous lessons. Right?! So I’m smart to keep starting over…


Anyway here it is so far.
detectivepost1Futuristic Detective! Aww yeah. And does that gorgeous face look familiar? Probably not if you’ve never seen my wife before but IT’S TOTALLY MY WIFE! Actually don’t look at the face in the last iteration. I screwed it up. The eyes and lips are completely wrong now. And the more I adjust it the worse it’s getting. So I’m going to start them both over right away. Also I haven’t added eyelashes or any of the back-lit ambient lighting so it’s not exactly ready for the next step anyway.

COLOUR! Yup. When I’m done this badass detective will be coloured. You don’t know my wife but she’s got super awesome red hair that would be perfect for a space detective. Actually here’s a picture.

11038728_10153203882027143_4359366871140843170_nSee that? Yowza. And people wonder why I’m so happy all the time.

Ok back to arts.

I finished the picture! More or less. I’m sure I’ll do some fiddly edits to it before I hand it in but for now: Blammo


Mmm. Now that I’m looking at it on this monitor (not my tablet) I see some of the colours aren’t right. The eyebrows for instance. Oh well. I’ll keep poking at it. I still have a city scape to do for this week as well.

For fun though I animated the process again.


Love Mike-ael

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