The Artless Week

Diary. I’m exhausted.

I’ve mentioned on here that I work full time for my families auction company and this past weekend everything went wrong. I won’t write the whole thing on here because really I should be writing it over at Auction House Blues (the company blog).

But basically I’ve had no time off to do any of my homework. In fact, the assignment I’m doing now (or not doing since I’m typing this nonsense) was due yesterday! And I’m barely started! But my teacher, thankfully, has pushed this class back 6 days so I can still get it done before the next critique.

I basically haven’t drawn in a week and it’s awful. I plan very much to do the #21days and master challenges but I’ll write about that later.

Anyway I’ll get back to work. Here’s all I’ve drawn this week:

twitterxmasbunnyv2 twitterxmasdolphin

Avatars for wife and friend. I’m an art-eest.

Love Michael

New Avatar

(Update: I forgot to say I finally wrote something in the Artist Bio page!)

Hi Diary,

I haven’t had anything super awesome to write in you this week. Last week time got away from me so I wasn’t able to start a new assignment from scratch (like I like to do). I textured up the detective and city from the preceding week. Overall I got 76% on the assignment. Ouch. Tied with my lowest mark this term.

But a new week starts tomorrow. Creature Design! Yesssss. I can’t wait. Obviously I won’t have any works-in-progress for a few days to show off… assuming the assignment actually has a drawing in it (sometimes it’s just design boards and thumbnails).

To tied you over for now though here’s my new winter twitter avatar.

twittersnowman(I drew this while watching this weeks pre-recorded school lecture video tonight).

For fun these are the halloween avatars I drew this year. Mine was the scarecrow and the rest were requested by friends or my wife.

scarecrowrabbit5 cuddlefishfrankenstein dolphinvampire frankenbunnypink

Loves Michael