Clockwork Globe

(Last post tonight)

This post is the one I’ve been most looking forward to writing tonight. This is about the image I’m the most proud of ever. Not just during my time in art school.

The assignment was to create a prop. Any prop at all. Big or small or soft or hard or complex or simple. Anything that wasn’t a character, animal, vehicle or weapon, basically.

And just like the rest of the summer; I was way behind on my assignments. I was going to go simple. I failed spectacularly at that. I tasked myself with creating a Clockwork Globe. A planetary globe of Earth that is controlled by gears that would change the plates to show how the continents changed over millennia.

During the thumbnailing stage I didn’t realize how complex this idea is:

thumbnailsJust a few gears and poles poking about but mostly just flat or round smooth surfaces.

During the line art I started to figure out how dumb I was:

globewipI really struggled with the perspective at first and I started over 10+ times. I know for concept art it doesn’t need to be 100% perfect but I wanted this to be done right. Even though I was so late on my assignments and I was currently working 10-12 hour days I just wanted to make this image.

And this is the finished image.

globe50percentI was so late with this image that I had to simplify so much from the line art. The gears at the bottom aren’t nearly as complex as I imagined. The engraving on the wood isn’t there. But I am so happy with this. There are flaws and missed opportunities but so many times while drawing this I started sketching simpler props. I gave up completely on this picture every single night only to wake up ready to fight it more each morning.

And for fun here it is animated:

globeanimFor my next assignment I WILL go simpler.


Victorian Steampunk Drone

It’s done, Diary!

I actually finished this forever ago but I forgot to post it on here. The Victorian Steampunk FPV Racing Drone!

dronecolorI’d very much like to build this but I don’t have any money right now for parts. But drawing it was fun. If I did build it thought I’d have to use vacuum form and wood veneer because something made of ebony and amboyna wood probably wouldn’t fly at this size.

Here’s the animated process.

droneprocessAwesome, right? I have a new drone website launching right away too! But I haven’t done the logo yet. BUT SOON! I’ll post the link when it’s done.


Victorian Drone Line Art

Hi Diary,

It’s been a crazy month for me. First of all I BOUGHT A HOUSE! Yup yup. My wife and I smashed our piggy banks and started climbing that property ladder. But with moving and a ton of overtime at work I got WAY behind in my art homework. I’ve been trying to catch up for 3 weeks and I’m still behind.

For the last month we’ve been working on vehicles and I could draw any vehicle in the world that I wanted. Naturally I chose a drone. Drones are my new obsession.

Here’s the line art for it.

dronelinesI designed it as if it was in the Victorian Era. Not really Steampunk but kinda. I’m currently adding value, color and texture to get this assignment done. It was officially due 4 days ago but as soon as it’s done I’ll be back to my regular schedule.

Speaking of which, I should get back to it.

Love Michael