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I graduated from the Diploma Concept Art class at the Vancouver Animation School a few weeks ago!

Are you proud? Yeah you are.

It’s been several months since I updated the website/blog mostly because the workload of school plus the workload at work was so crazy. I couldn’t afford to lose an hour every couple of dates to update since I was struggling to keep up with the assignments.

But in the end I prevailed! To be honest I’m really going to miss the program and my teachers. It was tough at the end, sure, but they really really pushed me to do better. Here is a comparison to really show progress. The first two images I drew the month before school started. The last two were my final assignments.

I hope the level of advancement is as obvious to you as it is to me.

If you read the last post about me adding the comics you can ignore it now. I’ve removed all the individual comic posts because they were breaking the website. 300 images gets unruly when you post them the way I did. I’m going to add simple galleries to the site soon for each series. In the mean time I’m going to start applying for CONCEPT ART JOBS!

Michael Ward

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