Victorian Drone Line Art

Hi Diary,

It’s been a crazy month for me. First of all I BOUGHT A HOUSE! Yup yup. My wife and I smashed our piggy banks and started climbing that property ladder. But with moving and a ton of overtime at work I got WAY behind in my art homework. I’ve been trying to catch up for 3 weeks and I’m still behind.

For the last month we’ve been working on vehicles and I could draw any vehicle in the world that I wanted. Naturally I chose a drone. Drones are my new obsession.

Here’s the line art for it.

dronelinesI designed it as if it was in the Victorian Era. Not really Steampunk but kinda. I’m currently adding value, color and texture to get this assignment done. It was officially due 4 days ago but as soon as it’s done I’ll be back to my regular schedule.

Speaking of which, I should get back to it.

Love Michael

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