Concept Art Intro Class

Dear Diary,

As I said in the previous post, I am going to start posting all my assignments and adventures with the Vancouver Animation School concept art program. (I added a link to the school at the top of the website).

But first I’ll start with the concept art intro class that I took back in January. The school offers intro classes that last a month (4 lessons) to see if you like the school or can even keep up with the assignments. I loved every second of it. Before I even finished the course I was already signing up for the diploma class.

My teacher was Adrian Enciso and he was very good. A tough marker but he explained all your wins and fails very clearly. I always knew after where I went wrong. Here are the finished assignments:

Week 1:

posespgallWeek 2:

silhouettesWeek 3:

foxWeek 4:

landscape2smallYou can see detailed posts about all these assignments at my comic site (I didn’t have mikewarddraws back then).

The old posts said my final mark was 76% but it was actually increased to 84%. I’m not sure why they images were remarked but I didn’t mind the extra percents at all.

Love Michael

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