Art School Lessons 1-7

Good morning Diary,

In an effort to catch up to where I am in school this post is about the first 7 lessons of my schooling. Just the finished assignments. After this post I can start getting into more detail with future posts. Art school is like any other school anyway. The first few assignments are super easy and not that interesting to look at.

Week 1:


Yup. Lines and ellipses. Pretty exciting stuff. But the last page was kind of neat. I had to draw a round shape and then copy it over. Then I made faces out of them. You’ll notice the first two and the second two start with the exact same oval shapes. (Ignore the last face. It was an experiment with the brushes).

Week 2:

001 002-2 003

Shapes in perspective! Awww yeah. You’ll notice they don’t look quite right in some of them. If you’re like me and you draw a cube first to draw a cone or cylinder it’s very important that IT’S ACTUALLY A CUBE! Ugh. I suck.

Week 3:

1point 2point 3point

Shaded shapes in perspective! Those are some fine looking shapes, right? I was supposed to use the shapes I did in week 2 but they were so wonky that I chose to start over. Also look at those shadows! Those are mathematically derived perfect shadows. I really liked this lesson.

Week 4:


Here we go. Now we are cookin’. I had to do a street scene. Any street scene. I chose a western street.

Week 5:

refinishedIt’s the same street scene! Only it’s way nicer. I lost some marks on my ellipses like on the barrel or water tower. That continues to be an issue for me. Seems every week I get an ellipse wrong somewhere.

Week 6:

figures1 figures2 figures3

Oh, I forgot to mention. There may be nudities in this blog. So like… don’t look at the pictures you just looked at if you don’t like anatomy. I gave you fair warning. (Just kidding. It wasn’t fair)

Week 7:

gesturesblogGestures. Ugh. These are not good actually. This assignment was done about a month ago (at the time of writing this) and now I’m actually starting over. You’ll see another post soon about all the gesture drawings I did last night. Not for school. Just because I really really REALLY (really) need to learn it better.

Ok so we got all that out of the way. The posts after this will get much more in depth into each lesson.

Love Michael

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