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Finally a new website to link to everything that I do! I’ve been threatening to make one of these for 6 years.

This site will link to everything I do on the internet. I’m trying to both increase my web presence as well as connect it all. I created all the new accounts on tumblr, instagram, etc with the MIKEWARDDRAWS name and this website links to all of them but so far they are empty. They will all independently host the same images so if you follow me on one you will see most of the images/concept art/comics I make.

Animations (of which I only just started dabbling in) will be on Vine and Youtube. Youtube will also (one day) have drawing videos. It’s all a process.

More links will be added in time as well as an ABOUT page and official portfolio. Naturally I don’t want every doodle or silly comic in my portfolio so I will keep the best-of-the-best there.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: This blog will document my struggles through art school from sketches to concept artist. I’m currently in my first term of the Concept Art Diploma Program at the Vancouver Animation School.

I won’t post every little thing because I want to encourage people to sign up with the school but you’ll see lots of WIP’s and finished assignments. I will also post some critiques I got and explain why I lost or gained marks. I’m 8 assignments into the program now so I’ll quickly post how the previous weeks went on the site shortly.

That’s long enough but I always like blog posts with pictures so:

tapdancingAww yeah. Website is off to a good start.

Love Michael

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